First Aid Info and Quiz

First Aid Station

Our main first aid station is stored in the main hallway between the lunchroom and the offices of Amanda and Kelsey.

The eye wash station is located above the sink outside of the office.

There are also smaller first aid kits in every Kubota machine. First aid kits are also in every Cedar Rim truck.

If you hurt yourself please tell your manager immediately and they will call one of our trained first aid attendants.

The following employees have Occupational First Aid Level 1 Certification:
Corey Elliot                                                                 Customer Service/Yard
Alexa Ross                                                                   Fashion/Gift-ware
Jason Bruce                                                                 Main Office/Yard/Field
Jonathon Doerkson                                                   Main Office/Yard
Russ Bruce                                                                  Main Office/Yard
Amanda Bruce                                                           Main Office/Yard
Dan Goertzen                                                             Main Office
Drew Trewarn                                                           Main Office
Kelsey Wills                                                                Main Office
Jason Wills                                                                  Fields
Blair Christie                                                              Production House/Yard
George Jennens                                                          Warehouse/Yard/Field

First Aid Quiz

Test your knowledge of where our First Aid area is and what to do if you are injured.